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I have many items that can be added to your fairy door.  Here are a few examples of the “extras” I have available to add to your door.  Each extra item is handmade by me and my fairies!

Fairy Extras - Click Here!

Add a mailbox with tiny letters to your fairy door.  The mailbox is made of a seashell and can be custom created to match your door.  Letters included!

Add some mushrooms - you can special order a color or design.

Invite a tiny mouse to visit your fairies!

Every fairy needs a magic wand! You can special order any shape or color.

What fairy doesn’t want a crystal ball or a gazing ball?!

A tiny potted plant will make any fairy door step welcoming.

Every fairy needs something to eat.  These little acorn caps, walnut shells and tallo seed covers work perfectly for holding fairy grains and supplies.



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