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Fairy Doors

Fairy Doors - Click Here!

Click on the link above to take you to the full photo album of Fairy Doors.  Doors that are available for sale will say that in their description.  Most doors are sold as most are custom orders, but I do have many doors for sale.

While you’re looking at a picture, you can also click on the little magnifying glass in the upper right corner to get a close up view of the pictures.

Handcrafted fairy doors add magic and enchantment to your home & garden. Each door is handmade and unique - truly a one of a kind creation.
Custom orders are always welcome!

Click to send me an email - mitzi at mitzi gee dot com

What is a Fairy Door? A Fairy Door is a miniature door that provides Fairies, Gnomes, Pixies, and all the magical wee folk an easy portal into your home and garden. An ideal magical accent that adds whimsy and enchantment to any setting. A miniature door will make an unusual garden gift for your favorite gardener! By inviting the little magical creatures in to your life, they bring good luck. You can place them anywhere - on a wall, or baseboard, against a stone, a stump, a tree - literally anywhere you want them.

Imagine a child's delight when they discover that Fairies do live in their Grandma's home! Why, there is even proof! See that darling little enchanted Fairy Door right at the base of that old shade tree? I told you so!

What better way to invite the Tooth Fairy to pay a visit to you children or grandchildren! Put a Tooth Fairy Door in your home and sprinkle a little “fairy dust” around. Each Tooth Fairy Door comes with a tiny glass bottle of “fairy dust.” TOOTH FAIRY SPECIAL!!  Included with all Tooth Fairy doors is a tiny glass bottle of “fairy dust” to add that extra magical touch.  You can even select a special color!


Holiday Fairy Doors are a great way to bring the spirit of any season into your home and garden. We have Christmas Elf doors and even Halloween Spirit doors – any holiday door makes a great gift or unique ornament!

Special sport themed doors invite Fairies to help you with your golf game, tennis game, etc. Always a wonderful gift to the sports lover! One of these good luck sport themed doors will help you play better and have more fun by inviting the Fairies into your life!

Each Fairy Door is unique and individually handcrafted. Attention to the tiniest details makes each door truly a captivating and enchanting work of art. Fairy doors do not open for you - they will only open with fairy magic!  The doors only open for the Fairies – its the Fairy Magic that makes to door open! Delightfully crafted miniature doors - each created to your specifications.  Fairy Doors are a way to say - “I Believe” - and when we believe, Fairies are drawn to us, bringing good luck and happiness. Welcome the Fairies into your life today with a handcrafted Fairy Door by Mitzi!

Following are examples of doors I have created.  Doors that are custom ordered or sold will state that in the descriptions.  Doors that are available for purchase will be noted as AVAILABLE.

Stay tuned to my website - I am in the process of making fairy houses, furniture and other miniature accessories!   Each door is handcrafted.  They range in size from approximately 3.5” in height to approximately 6” in height.  Width is approximately 3-4”.

I also create custom Tooth Fairy photographs of your child - email me for details.

You may find these ideas helpful when designing your custom door.  These are just a few quick sketches of door shapes.  If you find one you like, please let me know the letter when you place your order.

door ideas

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