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The following are feedback and testimonials from some of my customers. If you are a past customer and want your info included, please email me with you testimonial.

Also, I would love to include a photo of where you have installed your Fairy Door. If you would like to include a picture of your fairy door’s home, please email me a picture and I will include it on my site.



Sandra says:

  • I asked for something totally different from the other doors pictured on her site, and Mitzi designed, built, and shipped it within a week. It's exactly what I wanted and absolutely adorable!

Erika says:

  • I love my fairy door! It is an original and creative piece of art that suits my personality and fits beautifully into my home. Each time I look at my Zen door, I am transported to a happy place full of tranquility and peace.

Robin says:

  • When Mitzi started making these doors, I fell in love with them immediately. They are so cute and personal, so of course I was so excited to receive one as a gift. You can tell that she took the time to add so many little details to fit your personality. Its a great and original product that I've never in my life seen before. Thanks again Mitzi!!!

Erin Says:

  • My daughter was so scared about having her two front teeth pulled so I wanted to do something special for her. Mitzi made a fairy door for the "tooth fairy." One look at it and my daughter was thrilled. She is now excited about going to the dentist. The quality of the door and details are amazing! The bottle of pixie dust was a big hit with my daughter too. Thank you so much for the wonderful job and having it completed in such a quick time!

Maggie Says:

  • Just a few thoughts on the wonderful door and window you made me. Having been a potter professionally, I'm truly impressed with your work and keen insight. You brought my idea to life with wonderment and joy. You are a true artist in very sense of the word, and are a pleasure to deal with. I'll be contacting you again, for more doors.

Heather Says:

  • The sweetest personalized gift that I have received in a long time was this dainty little Faerie Door. It’s artistically divine and perfectly crafted to scale. We’ve invited all the faeries, gnomes and elementals that live in our forest to come in for a visit!!

Petra Says:

  • The sweetest door I've seen yet, we added it to our little Fairy garden and I believe strongly our Fairies love it, as much as we do. One can tell, there was a lot of Love put into making it.

Judy Says:

  • After receiving my fairy door I felt like I needed to express to you my deep satisfaction with the door. When I had placed the order for my tooth fairy door for my two girls who were becoming of the losing tooth age, I had no idea of the beauty of the product that I was going to receive. Not only did the door exceed the specifications that I requested, the attention to detail is impeccable. The workmanship shines right through in the finished product and my family and I couldn't be happier. So thank you, for your amazing talent and for sharing it with the world. Every family should be so lucky as to have a special fairy door in their lives.  - With deepest gratitude - The Family of Door Number 10

Katy Says:

  • The fairy door we received was amazing. It exceeded all of my expectations. Our urban fairy is quite at home now and we see her regularly using her broom to clear away dust, and enjoying a cup of tea on her bench. I was awed at the work and detailing that you put into this creation. You attention to my requests, and your ability to interpret my sometimes vague instructions is just outstanding and I can not say enough about how great it was to have the experience of working with you. When I contacted you, I had a very short deadline to meet as my house blessing was in just a week and you worked to get the door to me in plenty of time without sacrificing the quality of your work. Thank you so much for bringing a touch of magic and wonder to our home. Our door is something my daughter and I treasure. It has become the center of our folklore. Thank you again for such a wonderful gift! - Katy and Alex

Teri Says:

  • Mitzi Gee designed a custom fairy door for my daughter, Caitlyn, and it is ADORABLE. Mitzi was friendly, fast, reasonably priced and gave me exactly what I asked, glitter and magic. I can't wait to see Caitlyn's face when she opens her very own fairy door Christmas morning!



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